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Michelin Tyres

Michelin is the second-largest producer of tyres in the world. Besides designing tyres for automobiles, this company also offers tyres for space shuttles, heavy equipment, two-wheelers, etc.

Car owners who are searching ‘Michelin tyres near me’ on the web can refrain from doing so. We, The Arches Garage Ltd., stock a massive selection of Michelin tyres Bolton, and ensure to provide them at affordable prices.

Noteworthy features of Michelin tyres

  • EverGrip: This technology developed by Michelin lays out features that preserve the performance of a tyre even after undergoing wear and tear.
  • So, for a set of Michelin car tyres Bolton that offers outstanding wet performance, you can pick EverGrip enabled models like Primacy 4, Premier A/S, etc.

  • Communicating tyre: In these models, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips are implanted to enhance your safety and tyre efficiency. Plus, these tyres have also been inspected at London Olympics 2012.
  • The Green tyre: The rubber compound of these tyres is combined with silica and not with carbon black, making them energy-efficient models. It also ensures rider safety and longevity of the tyre. One popular model from this category is Energy Saver.
  • SelfSeal technology: Whenever in need of puncture-resistant car tyres Bolton, select models that come with the latest SelfSeal technology. Some models of this range are Energy Saver A/S, Primacy A/S, etc.
  • The Tweel (“tyre” + “wheel”): Tweel is an airless tyre design and provides benefits over pneumatic tyres. As it does not utilise a bladder of compressed air, there is no chance of any leak, puncture or becoming flat.

How to buy Michelin tyres Bolton?

In order to purchase Michelin tyres Bolton, we insist all interested consumers to drive down to our facility – The Arches Garage Ltd. Make sure to fix an appointment to avoid standing in the queue.

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