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A Diesel Particulate Filter, or DPF for short, is a component that reduces the emission of harmful particles present in the exhaust gas of Diesel engines. Over time, however, the DPF becomes clogged, and cleaning becomes necessary. Normally, a regular filter regeneration is carried out by the vehicle itself, unnoticed by the driver. This involves burning off the accumulated particles at a high temperature, thereby clearing the filter.

However, combustion always produces a small amount of ash from fuel additives, metal abrasion, rust particles and sulfates, which cannot be burned further and, over the years, accumulates in the fine channels of the filter, clogging it. Frequent short trips further promote this process, as the engine does not come fully up to operating temperature, the fuel cannot be completely burned, and more soot is produced during the combustion process.

The clogged Diesel Particulate Filter is noticeable both by a warning light showing on the vehicle's dashboard and by noticeably higher fuel consumption with a simultaneous decrease in engine performance.

In the worst case, excessive exhaust backpressure can damage the turbocharger or cause engine damage.

If the filter is filled with ash to a certain degree, either a complete replacement with a new part is necessary, or a so-called Diesel Particulate Filter cleaning (DPF cleaning) needs to be carried out.

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