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Avon Tyres

A subsidiary of Cooper Tyre & Rubber Company, Avon has enjoyed a considerable hold in the tyre market since its inception. Intensive research and development has made it the preferred tyre brand for premium car manufacturers like Rolls Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin, etc.

At The Arches Garage Ltd, we have a considerable stock of Avon tyres Bolton of various makes and models that can cater to your requirements easily.

2 bestselling Avon tyres available at our garage

If you are searching for Avon “tyres near me” check out the best-selling models available at our garage.

  • Avon ZX7
  • Avon ZX7 is a summer tyre especially suited for SUVs and CUVs. This tyre comes with EU rating level “A” in terms of wet braking performance and hence ensures unparalleled grip and control on wet roads.

    Further, the proprietary Polymer technology offers improved traction on both wet and dry roads. Also, the asymmetric tread design helps to prevent uneven tread wear and improves the handling precision of the car for a comfortable driving experience.

  • Avon WT7 Snow

This is a premium winter tyre for passenger cars. It offers superlative grip on snow-covered roads with its directional tread design. You can enjoy enhanced braking responsiveness with the Bespoke Shoulder Groove design. Also, the unique compound of these Avon tyres Bolton enhances flexibility and prevents the units from stiffening in extreme winter conditions.

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