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Fully Qualified Level 3 Hybrid and Electric Technician

If you are concerned about underlying performance issues in the electrical components of your hybrid vehicle, rely on us - Arches Garage.

We are a popular hybrid vehicle servicing workshop, well-known in and around Bolton. Our experts are meticulously trained as per the industry-best standards. They have fully qualified level 3 hybrid and electric training from registered institutions.

Hence, they possess detailed knowledge about the electrical and other crucial components of hybrid vehicles and guarantee the most accurate solution.

What is level 3 hybrid and electric training?

Hybrid vehicle level 3 training is an IMI Level 3 Nationally Recognised Qualification that offers the learners detailed knowledge and expertise to deal with complex hybrid vehicle repairs, replacements and diagnostic needs with utmost safety and precision.

The course is designed exclusively for senior technicians with around 12 to 18 months of experience in automobile servicing industry. The course offers them a comprehensive guide on:

    • The right methods to shut down and isolate high voltage systems.
    • Correct measurement procedures for hybrid vehicles.
    • The construction and layout of hybrid and electric drive powertrain systems.
    • Detailed understanding in the identification of key components.
    • All essential principles of high voltage battery construction, monitoring and management systems.
    • The operating principles, construction and design, three-phase, brushless motor/generator systems.
    • Control systems that are essential for efficient operation.
    • All methods of electrical component rectification and regulation.
    • Operating principle of a hybrid vehicle transmission system.
    • Diagnosis and monitoring of system faults using suitable diagnostic equipment.

Our level 3 trained hybrid vehicle and electric technicians are adept at all these areas. Therefore, if you are facing any issue with the electrical or other components of your hybrid vehicle Bolton, visit us without giving it a second thought.

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