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Are you looking for Car Repair Service for your vehicle?


Regular and professional maintenance of your car is essential and indispensable. It ensures that the vehicle runs in great shape, increases its resale value and also brings down your fuel expenditure significantly.

If you live in or around Bolton or the Greater Manchester area in England, you will get the most thorough and cost-effective car repair Bolton only at The Arches Garage Ltd.

Our service packages depend on your car’s engine capacity. Thus, patrons who own bigger vehicles with larger engines will have to pay slightly more than someone who owns a CUV or a hatchback. But rest assured that our service quality more than makes up for the cost.

We provide both interim and full car service Bolton at our facility. Let us take you through what these packages include.

Interim car service Bolton

Interim services are recommended once every 6 months or 6,000 miles. We offer a total of 50 checks in this package.

It includes:

  • General checks: We will check all external and internal lights for any failure or problem. We will ensure that the body is free from damage and that the horn and instrument panels are working properly.
  • Engine checks: Our interim service includes an inspection of the engine oil levels and oil filter.
  • Brakes: A critical part of our vehicle, car repair Bolton includes a complete inspection of the braking system, including brake pads and callipers.
  • External checks: We end by ensuring that everything from windscreen wipers to mirrors is in good shape.

Full car service Bolton

A full service comprises everything that an interim session provides, and adds some more key checks. It is recommended once a year or every 12,000 miles, whichever comes earlier. At The Arches Garage Ltd, we conduct a total of 77 checks (including every check in our interim service package).

A full car service Bolton includes:

  • Complete inspection of wheels and tyres.
  • Steering and suspension: The steering wheel, column and the car’s suspension system will be tested rigorously to ensure they are in good shape.
  • Drive system and clutch: These are crucial checks. Our technicians will ensure that everything is working in tandem.
  • Top-ups: These include windscreen washer fluid, coolant levels, power steering fluid levels and braking fluid. These fluids will be replenished if they fail to meet manufacturer’s instructions. We will also check and top up the gearbox fluid.
  • Fuel: We will check the condition of the fuel cap seal and fuel lines.
  • Comprehensive engine check: Our technicians will also check the radiator, coolant cap and coolant hoses.

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If you have been searching for the ‘best car repairing garage near me’, we ask you to visit our facility and see what we offer. We are certain we will be able to take more than ample care of your car.

Trust only The Arches Garage Ltd for comprehensive car services. Call us on 01204 370 864 to book an appointment.

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