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Are you looking for Tunap Products for your vehicle?

The Arches Garage Ltd. is one of the few service centres in the Greater Manchester area which offers a comprehensive range of Tunap Products’s advanced proprietary solutions to ensure that your car’s engine and exhaust systems are cleansed properly.

We have adopted most of Tunap Products’s products as they are perhaps the best in their segments. If you are looking for Tunap Products Bolton, feel free to contact us on any working day.


What is Tunap Products?

For various reasons, a diesel or a petrol car’s exhaust emissions may continue generating higher levels of soot, fly ash, and oxides of Sulphur and Nitrogen. Tunap Products has patented equipments which ensure that these tough-to-clean parts of the exhaust system are systematically rectified.

With a Tunap Products exhaust service Bolton, your car will comply with the latest Euro-V norms that are mandatory.

Tunap Products also has add-ons which our technicians specialise in. They are:

  • EGR Tunap Products: EGR stands for Exhaust Gas Recirculation. It may impact the performance of vehicles with advanced engines that have direct fuel injection systems.

If you own a high-end car, the odds that it has a DFI system on-board are high. Should you detect a dip in engine performance, feel free to avail the most high-quality Tunap Products Bolton at our facility.

  • DPF Tunap Products: All diesel cars have a Diesel Particulate Filter which filters the soot and other internal combustion by-products. At times, these filters need regenerations or complete replacements. Please visit The Arches Garage Ltd. for a consultation with our experts.

What are the benefits of Tunap Products tuneup products?

Due to its advanced technical sophistication, there are several advantages of a Tunap Products cleaning service Bolton. They include the following:

  • Effectively increases the life of your car by actively cleaning the engine’s combustion chambers, exhaust ports, inlet and outlet valves and all fuel injectors.
  • Increases the chances of passing annual MOTs at one go.
  • Improves your car’s fuel economy to a great extent. You will notice a dip in your average expenses on fuel.
  • A comprehensive Tunap Products exhaust service Bolton will also ensure that your car’s emissions are significantly low. Already, many parts in London have been designated as ‘low emission zones.’ Whenever such schemes are extended to other parts of the United Kingdom, you can drive without any worry.

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