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The annual MOT Bolton service is a Government-mandated test to verify your vehicle’s roadworthiness, fuel efficiency and safety. It is currently administered by the DVSA, which was formed in 2014, although residents of Northern Ireland have to follow MOT rules laid down by the Driver and Vehicle Agency or DVA.

The MOT was first formulated in the 1960s by the Ministry of Transport, from where it takes its name. It was initially a check of some fundamental aspects of a car. Gradually, the test subsumed other areas and currently has several specific checks and inspections.

If you live in the Greater Manchester area and are looking for reputed MOT test Bolton, please visit our facility – The Arches Garage Ltd. We are one of the 23,000 odd DVSA—approved MOT testers. Our VT-01 certified station has a team of highly trained service personnel and technicians who can carry out the test and any repair if necessary without taking too much time.

We are one of the leading providers of MOT Bolton, and our client pool has visitors need MOT check for Class 1 & 2.

MOT tests for Class 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 vehicles

Our centre is certified to test motorcycles and other two-wheelers with or without a side-carriage. These vehicles fall under classes 1 and 2.

The Arches Garage Ltd also tests vehicles which are categorised under the following classes:

  • Class 4: All passenger cars with up to 12 seats, besides goods carriers and dual-purpose vehicles.
  • Class 5: All passenger cars and other vehicles with 13 or more seats.
  • Class 7: All goods vehicles with a maximum Dry Gross Weight (DGW) of 3,500 kg.

Book an MOT with The Arches Garage Ltd.

An MOT test is uniform for all varieties of vehicles. It covers several areas which we shall detail below. Our technicians will first check MOT history of your car, assess any nagging or recurring issue and place greater emphasis on those areas.

Also note that in case you fail an MOT test Bolton, you will get a free re-test. We have priced MOTs at an affordable rate of £40.

    • Exhaust and emissions: It is one of the most essential checks. Our technicians are trained to handle every aspect of this complicated and challenging system. Every part of the exhaust, including its catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, mufflers and resonators are checked. Our facility will ensure that they meet the manufacturer’s and the DVSA’s recommendations.

As the ‘Euro V’ system assumes greater significance, it is imperative that your car’s emissions are free of SO2, NO2 and other noxious fumes. Should you desire, we can also provide pre-MOT fixes and repairs.

  • Seat belts and safety systems: All of your car’s on-board safety and restraint systems must be in good shape. For example, the seat belts should fit snugly and the elasticity should not be missing. Other parts like the airbags must respond adequately.
  • Steering system: Our MOT check Bolton thoroughly assesses your car’s steering system, including its wheel and column, responsiveness, steering fluid levels and power steering sensors.
  • Battery and wiring: Your car battery should not leak, and must provide the required voltage consistently. The case should not be bloated. All electrical wiring inside and outside the passenger cabin should be in top condition. There should not be any faulty wiring.
  • Suspension: All the components of your vehicle’s suspension, including its struts, shock absorbers and other parts, must work together in tandem.

Note that our facility is well-known across this area for post-MOT services too. If your vehicle receives a VT30 or ‘MOT-failed’ certificate, it will mention the problem areas (dangerous, major or minor). For more details, please refer to the services section on our website.

  • Body and structure: It is an essential part of any MOT Bolton. The car’s body must be dent-free and there should not be any problem with the chassis. We will also inspect the underside of your car and look out for rust and other common, but preventable issues.
  • Wheels and tyres: The Arches Garage Ltd. will ensure that your car’s tyres have adequate tread depth and stopping power under panic braking. Other tests will highlight the state of the tyres and wheels. All hubcaps and locking nuts must also be in top order.
  • Lights: Our MOT test Bolton ensures that all external and interior lights are working as they should. Of all external lights, the hazard lights and headlights are most crucial. You must ensure that all lights are working and there are no fused fixtures.
  • Braking system: A properly working braking mechanism is essential to ace an MOT. We will check for any defects in this complicated and multi-faceted system. Our technicians will also check MOT history to identify if any brake issue has been flagged previously. We will work accordingly.
  • Horns and number plates: We will check your car’s horns and ensure that they are loud enough to warn fellow motorists. Its number plates, including both front and rear ones, must be visible from a distance.

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