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Are you looking for Tyre Labelling for your vehicle?

Tyre labels relay crucial information that helps you to identify a particular unit’s performance based on wet grip, rolling resistance, and noise levels. Since November 2012, all tyres sold in the EU come with their respective EU tyre label Bolton.

At The Arches Garage Ltd, you will find a range of properly labelled tyres retailed from leading brands across the world. Our experts will help you to read the label properly so that you can take a proper buying decision.


Decoding the EU tyre label

  • Wet grip – The EU tyre label rates wet grip from A to G. Tyres with higher rating offer up to 30% shorter braking distances on slippery surfaces. At our garage, we inspect all tyres Bolton to ensure they offer adequate directional control and deceleration capacity.
  • Fuel economy – Lower rolling resistance can help your car engine to conserve more energy, and hence save on fuel expenses. Tyres with a high EU tyre label rating on fuel economy offer minimum rolling resistance.
  • Noise levels – Carefully observe the decibel readings on the label of car tyres Bolton. While three filled bars represent the maximum noise levels, one filled bar reflect the least.

EU tyre labels Bolton are fundamental indicators that determine your vehicle’s safety. We recommend you opt for highly-rated car tyres Bolton that will reduce fuel consumption, optimise wet grip and generate lesser tyre rolling noise.

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