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Are you looking for Clutch Repair for your vehicle?

Your car’s clutch is one of its most frequently-used components. Hence, it is hardly uncommon for a clutch to start wearing out or malfunctioning.

The clutch is also one of the oldest parts of the modern automobile. Over many decades, its technology remains mostly the same barring a few modifications.

If you live or drive in an urban area where ‘stop-and-go’ traffic is the norm, you must take good care of this part.

Are you searching the internet for a ‘clutch servicing garage near me’?

We humbly request you to stop searching and visit our facility, The Arches Garage Ltd. We are one of the reputed providers of clutch repair Bolton.

Which parts of a clutch ‘go’ first?


All modern clutch systems have at least 3 common parts: a flywheel, a clutch plate and a pressure plate. When you engage a clutch pedal, several heavy-duty springs pull the pressure plate away and disengage it from the clutch plate.

It results in the differential spinning of the flywheel and the pressure plate. These latter parts are usually the first ones which suffer from wear and tear.

Note that clutches cannot be repaired: it is not scientifically or mechanically feasible. Some unscrupulous service stations may promise to ‘repair’ your car’s clutch assembly, which is dangerous and an unreliable process.

Please remember that when we refer to clutch service Bolton, we mean total and complete replacements of all its components.

Thanks to our years of experience and a large pool of satisfied clients, we are often referred to as the go-to garage for clutch replacement Bolton services.

When do you need a clutch assembly inspection?

If you notice any one of these symptoms, know that your vehicle’s clutch assembly is gradually reaching the end of its service life.

The common indications are:

  • You can rev the engine but there’s hardly any acceleration: A worn-out clutch disc is often the reason behind this. Since its surface area is somewhat reduced, it fails to properly contact the flywheel and other parts. Also, it is unable to transfer significant power from your car’s engine to the transmission.
  • Shifting gears becomes a problem: Regardless of whether you are just about to start driving and switch to the first gear - or changing gears while driving - it will become increasingly difficult. There are 2 reasons for such strange incidences: a low level of hydraulic fluid or a bad clutch.

To be sure, bring your car to The Arches Garage Ltd. for a professional clutch repair Bolton.

  • A ‘slipping’ clutch: Another dead giveaway, you will notice that no matter you engage or disengage the clutch, you will find that the wheels are hardly receiving any power. This can have terrible consequences on the road, and we recommend that you visit us immediately.

Also note that your vehicle’s clutch issues may be kept at bay if you follow a strict servicing routine at our garage, The Arches Garage Ltd.

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